August 23, 2009

Writer's block or Just Real Life?

Hello, Hello, Hello...Is there anybody out there out there?

Today I had a blah Sunday. I got up late, helped my husband go through paperwork and now I am attempting to write a blog.

Have you ever had a day when you had the time to write but you just didn't feel like it? That is the kind of day I had today. I had ample time but I was just feeling too blah to do anything about it. Laundry had to be done, the kids came home and the living room needed to be cleaned so I did not even look at the edits that I want to do or the new WIP.

I wouldn't even call it a WIP yet. It is just some bits and pieces of things that I might be able to shape into something. I don't normally outline. I work things out a little bit first so I get a feel where it might go. Then I plan it out a little. When I get to the point where I am starting to confuse myself I write down what is going on chapter by chapter. That way, when I have to do the dreaded synopsis I can work from that. It's worked out pretty well for me in the past. There is probably an easier way to do it but that is what I do. I was going to wait for NanoWrimo to start something new but these bits and pieces started coming to me so we will see what we shall see.

I sent a partial out to an agent on Wednesday night. At this point in the waiting game I consider no news good news. At least I didn't get a rejection an hour after I hit send. I will keep you posted on any new developments in that department.

Thank you for listening to me rant for a few. I guess I will try to get something done now.

Good Night and Good Writing!

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