August 19, 2009

General News and Bad News

Hello all (anyone?)

I know, I did so well keeping up with blogging when I was on vacation and in Writer's Workshop mode. It's been a hectic month. It's funny how you can go from everything going so well to almost everything not going well. I will talk a little more about that later.

I just now sent out my submission. I had to rework the query and I wanted to go through the first chapter one more time. The agent I spoke with at the workshop was very helpful and even gave me suggestions on reworking my query. I was, once again a nervous wreck. Maybe I'll get over that next year if I pitch again.

What's next? That is the question that I am asking myself lately. If I am rejected I have some ideas for changes to BAR TIME, but, if that happens I might step away for a while. I am kind of ready to start something totally new.

On a sad note, my youngest cat Jeepers passed away last Saturday. We got back from Tennesse the Sunday before and we could tell she wasn't feeling right but we thought it was the heat. We brought her into the vet on Thursday and she passed away on Saturday night. The vet called me personally and told me Sunday afternoon. She was healthy until the end. She was my fat cat.

Now I have skin problems and am very itchy and irritable and Danny is out of town. It's funny how things can go from so good to so bad in a matter of a month.

That's all for tonight, goodnight and good writing.

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