May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Hello again! Long time no see.

Yes, I did it again. I let time get away from me. I know that blogging and "getting yourself out there" is important to a writer but I have been concentrating more on the getting the book done part of writing. It's mid-May already and I am starting to think about the conference again. I am once again editing Bar Time so I can pitch an agent again this year. It is a good story that is driving me nuts. I think I have the right hook this time though. I am combining my original idea with another idea so hopefully that will become a book worth reading. We shall see what we shall see.

It's Mother's Day. Happy Mother's to all of the moms, step-moms, grandmothers and adopted mothers. I know a lot of you are missing your mothers today (like me). Days like Mother's Day and Father's Day are hard. I still think of my parents all of the time but the special days can be the hardest. I'm not a birth mom but I am a step-mom and a grandmother. I don't call my grandkids step-grandkids because unfortunatly I am the only grandmother they know on the Kennedy side of the family. Some of them were able to meet their Nana Phyllis but they were very young when she passed away. My nephew Bradley was also very young when my mother passed away. I have to say that I am lucky to have a lot of happy memories of all of my grandparents. I never met my birth grandfather on my mother's side but I had a step-grandfather that was like a grandfather to me during my childhood.

During this past year I did (and won) National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy. I plan on participating again in November. Even if I never get published I consider myself a writer and my journey has been a good one. I have learned a lot and plan to never stop learning. That is my advice...never stop learning about what you care about. I know more about the publishing industry then a lot of people. I know a lot about the craft of writing and how hard and fun it can be.

Well, this time I am not going to promise to post a lot. That will probably motivate me to post more rather than less. I just remembered the joy of writing a blog. Have a great Mother's Day!!
Good bye and good writing. Patti