July 28, 2009

I'm Trying!!

Yes!! Two in one week and I'm on vacation!!!

One of the (many) things I learned from the Midwest Writers Workshop was that as a writer you have to have a web presence. It makes sense in this day and age, it isn't difficult to do, and its actually quite fun. I just didn't put the importance on writing a blog, instead I put the importance on writing my book! Some of the most popular sessions at the conference were the ones about the internet and writers resources.

I went to a session on Newest Tools and Sites for Writers looking to Get Discovered given by Jane Friedman from Writers Digest magazine. I knew about Authonomy.com but I never heard of WeBook.com which is a collaboration website for writers or CreateSpace.com. I have checked out Authonomy and I enjoyed reading some of the stories. I will probably go back there, read and review some more. There have been authors that have been discovered from that website. I am not against it, I just don't know I am going to post any of my own work on the site. I could go to Smashwords or Lulu, publish my work and even charge people for it but I really want to get published traditionally. I like the idea of seeing my own work in print. I might eventually get a Kindle but I will never stop buying books. I listen to books on CD but I would never stop buying real books in order to just listen to them.

I wonder if Ernest Hemingway would have his own website if he were living today. I do plan on writing this blog a little more often. Whether or not it peaks anyone's interest is another story. I read a lot of blogs but I just never got around to writing all that much.

I'm still in Tennesee. I will be headed back tomorrow or early Thursday.

Here are some of the websites that Ms. Friedman talked about in her session. I haven't checked most of them out yet but when I do I will let you know what I think or if you check them out you can let me know.


I will post again. Maybe even tomorrow. Talk to you soon!! Patti

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