October 9, 2008

Lights Camera Action...

Hi Everyone!
Its me again!

Well, I made it past one blog this time! It's going to be easier to not procrastinate this time because now most of my favorite blogs are right here!! So now, when I sit in the kitchen with my morning cup of tea I can read, write, then do 'rithmetic (just kidding about the math unless I have to do bills).

I like read a lot of agent blogs. By reading these I've learned a lot about stupid mistakes that writers make. About six years ago, I sent out a query for the first novel I wrote. I sent the query out and waited. I got the rejection and put it away. I looked at it recently and I didn't even use apostrophes right! I can't even imagine how far off I was on the formatting and I don't know if it had much of a plot. One day I plan to reread and maybe even rewrite that book but more than likely it was just a learning experience. One thing I've learned is that you have to learn from your mistakes if you want to keep moving ahead.

If you are a reader or a writer...keep the faith. Patti

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