July 28, 2010


Time runs away from me. In February I was looking forward to May. In May I was looking forward to July. Now it's July and I'm in Muncie Indiana not able to sleep because I'm excited and nervous about the Midwest Writer's Workshop. My birthday is next week and I want to know where the time went! I don't post often enough but before I know it I'm going to be posting about nano again. I try so hard to get everything done but sometimes the time is just...a runaway.

My book is ready. I am meeting with an agent on Friday or Saturday. Part of me hopes it's Friday so I can get the nervousness over with but part of me hopes for a little more time. I have to be up at 6:00 Chicago time but I know I'm not going to sleep yet even after the four and a half hour drive earlier. I didn't take a nap but I'm used to going to bed after midnight. This year I promise to post some good stuff from the conference. Hopefully it will be before the next one.

On a serious note. I love this conference. I love learning about the industry. If you want to be a writer you have to learn as much as you can. I hope, if there is anyone reading this, I will be able to bring you some kind of insight. Now I better attempt to go to sleep so my brain can absorb as much as possible tomorrow. Good night and good writing.....Patti

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