October 30, 2009

26 Hours Until National Novel Writing Month Begins!!!!

Hello again!

The leaves are various shades of everything except green, the rain has been relentless and the Chicago Hawk is blowing tonight. I remember sitting with my parents in this very kitchen and one of them would make a comment about the Hawk or the wind in the Chicago area. I was a paranoid kid. I kept thinking that the wind would turn into a tornado. I think I was more afraid of the wind then I was the thunderstorms. I like storms now.

In around 26 hours the month of writing will begin for me and probably about 100k other people. I am going to rewrite the novel that I had written last November. I sent out a partial to an agent in August and I received an encouraging rejection. I have new ideas that could flesh the story and the main characters out a lot more so I want to work with that. I'm not cheating because I haven't even looked at the manuscript for over a month. I have worked on this ms for so long it is burnt into my brain.

I have also been feeling a little down lately and I think a major goal like this will help me get out of my mood. I enjoy writing and my friends and family support me even though they might think I am a little crazy. Well, I guess the people that are closest to me know that I am a little crazy. I will post word counts once the crazy month starts.

Good nite and good writing. Patti

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